Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate stress and worry over taxes and business finances?

Now, you can. Hand off your tax worries to Brightwater Accounting! I'm a CPA who can not only amend mistakes on past returns, but who can also help you be proactive with your future tax filings and more. 


I used to feel like I wasn’t doing enough with my work. I wasn’t a doctor, I thought -- I wasn’t saving lives. But then I realized that while I don’t save people, I do save businesses.  

I’m a CPA who can help you reduce your tax burden, strategically set up your online business to maximize financial efficiency, and increase the money you keep in your pocket. I understand the need to keep costs in mind, which is why I work with entrepreneurs like you to:  

  • Ensure you’re not spending more on taxes than you need.  
  • Alleviate the stress you feel around tax time (and anytime you need to make financial decisions with your earnings).  
  • Remove the doubt from the equation: you’ll know exactly what’s going on, why, and what it means for your finances.  

Look, I get it: you’re self-employed, and that means you know how to figure out complicated situations on your own. But you also know the value of your time and your online biz is growing fast, meaning you need to pay attention to what you do best.  

I provide entrepreneurs with the leverage needed to get more time back. That way, you can focus on continuing to grow your business -- while feeling less stressed along the way, knowing that you now have a go-to partner to takes the time to help you understand all the numbers.  

cathy derus cpa

Prevent Tax Headaches Before They Start

Don’t just hope your taxes got done right. Ask the important questions and get the answers before plugging your best guess or hoping for the best with your taxes or any aspect of your business’ financial picture. When we work together, it means you get trusted advisor to talk to now. No more running around stressing about how to put out a fire from a problem that you could have prevented. There’s a real opportunity cost of trying to do everything on your own. I’ll make sure everything is handled appropriately so we can catch mistakes, see opportunities you might otherwise miss, and know what’s coming down the road so we can prepare and plan for it today.  

Go Beyond the Numbers

I believe in helping you reach a tangible financial result: more profit from your business. That means the balance sheet has to balance and ensuring your products and services are appropriately priced to reflect your value. But your dreams and goals matter, too. I want to know exactly what you want to do with your business and why. When I understand your goals, I can create a financial and tax strategy that’s grounded in reality -- but structured in a way that aligns with the lifestyle you want now and in the future. Together, we do a lot more than just file your taxes every year. We collaborate on big-picture business planning so you can get exactly what you want from your life as an entrepreneur.  

Build Better Business Systems

What kind of entity is your business? How are you taxed? How’s your business really doing? What’s your role and how many hours are you truly putting it? Do you know what your salary should actually be? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s natural -- and it’s why I work with online biz owners to create systems to handle the financial part of the business in a way that allows you to reach your goals. Stop answering those questions with, “I don’t know” and start getting accurate projections, forecasts, budgets, and results. Let’s work together and eliminate that overwhelmed feeling.  

Isn’t it time you stopped stressing over taxes?  

Make the leap and continue growing your business by outsourcing your tax needs to a professional.  

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